Best San Diego Hikes on the Coast

San Diego County has some of the best coastlines on the entire coast of California. From the rugged seashore, with towering sandstone cliffs found in North County San Diego, all the way down to the open estuaries and sandy beaches located in South County San Diego. Today I would like to list you some of my favorite San Diego hikes that you too can experience on the coast of San Diego.

All San Diego hikes listed are to be taken only with a negative low tide. Please make sure to check out the tide chart before embarking on your adventure, as some of these walks are dangerous if the tide comes upon you. A good rule of thumb would be to allow a couple of hours before the high tide comes back in. Remember, a very high tide always follows a shallow tide.

One more thing. I have written extensively on all of these sites previously, and have linked each post appropriately, so click on the underlined links for more information.

Trails at San Onofre State Beach

trail one san onofre bluff campground
Trail One

I can not tell you enough about how much I love San Onofre State Beach! There is something to be said when you leave a piece of land alone. At San Onofre, it is easy to imagine what it looked like on the coast of California over 100 years ago. Needless to say, but I am a sucker for natural beaches.

San Onofre State Beach is located right at the border, where San Diego County and Orange County meet. This beach, at one time, was under the control of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. But in 1971, Governor Ronald Reagan leased out this stretch of beach to the State.

It is also important to mention that Camp Pendleton has its private entrance over by the San Onofre Camping Beach and a private surf break (Church) right offshore from there. So, if you are in the military or even retired, please take advantage of this as all others need to pay to get in. (Click on the link for directions)

Trails/ Bluffs Beach

Trails Beach, three miles long, is found just south of SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generating System) and right below San Onofre State Bluffs Campground.

SONGS Nuclear Station San Onofre
SONGS at San Onofre State Beach

How many times can you say that you walked right next to a nuclear power station?

There are two possible ways to enter this beach

  • Enter by parking up at the San Onofre State Bluffs Campground and choosing between six trails that connect down to the beach. Trail 6 is one of the easiest to navigate down.
  • Park at Old Man’s Beach and proceed walking south. Connect to Trails Beach by walking the SONGS  back paved walkway, found parallel to the ocean.

Again,  caution is given here as the beach is very narrow when the high tide comes in. There is the option of hiking up one of the six trails that connect the beach to the San Onofre Bluffs Campground above if you encounter high waters.

# Both Trail One and Trail Six allow dogs on leashes!

Old Mans’s Beach to end Bluffs Beach– 3.5 miles, 7 miles round trip

Amenities– porta-potties and showers at Old Man’s

Things to see-

  • the unique geology of the bluffs
  • driftwood
  • sharks offshore
  • coastal strand biome with native and non-native plants
  • six trails that connect the campground to the beach (especially if you get caught with the tide coming in


Trail six san onofre hiknig san diego hiking
Trail Six

Hiking Moonlight Beach, Encinitas

Moonlight beach hiking san diego coastline

I seriously can not tell you how many times I have hiked the beaches of Encinitas. My family and  I have been calling this beach our home for over 25 years.

What makes Moonlight Beach one of the best San Diego hikes is that it is a fantastic starting point as it is centrally located in Encinitas.

It makes no matter which direction you decide to take, as each has something unique to experience.

Let’s take a look!

Stone Steps Beach and Beacon’s Beach- Hiking Encinitas North

Starting at Moonlight Beach and proceeding north, you will come upon Stone Steps Beach, which can be quite narrow at times, but not on a low tide day.

Stone Steps Beach Stairs San Diego Best Hikes

Here are the grand steps of Stone Steps Beach. I always encourage you to climb the staircases to check out the views. It helps you absorb the coastal environment better if you can get as many perspectives as possible.

Encinitas Bluffs retaining walls best san diego hikes
Retaining walls on the bluffs toward Beacon’s Beach

You will notice on this hike that the cliffs have been slowly eroding, and the homeowners are doing their damnedest to slow this down with the use of retaining walls.

About half a mile later, you will come upon Beacon’s Beach, with its vast sandy beaches.

Beacons Beach Best San Diego Hikes
Beacon’s Beach
Beacons Beach Switchback walkway Encinitas beach
Beacon’s Beach Switchback Trail

We always stop over at Beacon’s Beach and travel up its switch-back walkway to experience some killer ocean views.

Beacons Beach Best San Diego Hikes
View from up above at Beacon’s Beach

Moonlight Beach to Beacon’s Beach– 1.6 miles, 3.2 miles round trip

Amenities– restrooms, food, and rentals at Moonlight Beach but not at Stone Steps or Beacon’s

Things to see-

  • the towering cliffs
  • cliffside homes
  • unique stones and shells
  • dolphins
  • wild vegetation
  • surfers at Beacon’s


Hiking Encinitas South-D Street Beach, Boneyards, and Swami’s

Starting at Moonlight and making your way south, you will pass by D Street Beach, a huge and unique wooden staircase. Further on, you will encounter the sheer high cliffs of Boneyards, which some beachgoers take advantage of by omitting their swimsuits.

D Street Beach Staircase Best San Diego Hikes
D Street Beach Staircase

As we continue on the hike, we reach Boneyard Beach, where the bluffs seem to have a personality all in themselves.

Rock Face Encinitas Best San Diego Hikes
Boneyard Beach-Do you see the faces in the bluff?

Boneyards Beach Encinitas Best San Diego Hikes

Boneyard Beach is also a  great place to check out the surfers on the waves as there are many reefs located offshore from here.

Swamis beach 2011 Best San Diego Hikes

What I love about this particular beach hike is that when you come upon Swami’s State Beach, right at a point, it is as if you are encountering a hidden paradise.

Swamis State beach best San Diego Hiking

If you are inclined, you can still keep walking past Swami’s and continue on San Elijo State Beach and finally come upon Cardiff State Beach, and a little bit further is Seaside State Beach.

Here you will find endless amounts of tide pools sticking out on the beach. These reefs are also one reason why there is such great surfing over here in this area.

—>Best Surfing Beaches in San Diego<—

San Elijo State beach bluff view
View from up above at the San Elijo State Beach Campground
North Cardiff State beach best san diego hikes
Cardiff State Beach with Seaside State Beach in the far background
Cardiff State Beach best san diego beach hikes
Cardiff State Beach

Moonlight Beach to Swami’s– 1.2 miles, 2.4 miles round trip

Moonlight Beach to Seaside State Beach– 3.6 miles, 7.2 round trip

Swami’s State Beach to Seaside State Beach– 2.5 miles, 5 miles round trip

Amenities- restrooms at Moonlight, up above at Swami’s Seaside Park,  at Cardiff and Seaside State Beach

Things to see-

  • unique cliffs
  • shorebirds
  • driftwood
  • the “Hanging Tree”- (see the cover photo)
  • surfing
  • tide pools
  • San Elijo Lagoon Inlet (at Cardiff State Beach)


Hiking Torrey Pines State Beach to Black’s Beach

Torrey Pines State beach best san diego beach hikes

Here is another of my family’s favorite San Diego beach hikes- Torrey Pines State Beach.

I found this hike while working as a Fisheries Technician right out of college. It was my favorite beach to walk and find a surf fisherman. With all of the reefs located close to shore, it is a surf fishing heaven over here.

The sandstone cliffs climb to over 300 feet at Torrey Pines State Beach and make you feel so tiny in relation.  There have been several deadly accidents that happened over here over the years, so make sure to stay clear of these cliffs.

Flat Rock Beach Torrey Pines State Beach
Flat Rock Beach

Here we come to the border right before entering Black’s Beach, called Flat Rock Beach. To the left of here, right at the bluffs, is the exit/entrance of the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve Beach Trail.

Blacks Beach Best San Diego Hikes
North Black’s Beach
North Blacks Beach Best San Diego Hikes
Looking towards North Black’s Beach from Black’s Beach
Blacks beach bluff view ocean waters
Black’s Beach view from Gliderport Trail

North Torrey Pines to Black’s Beach– 4.4 miles, 8.8 miles roundtrip

Amenities- Restroom only at Torrey Pines State Beach (north and south) as well as the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve up top, overlooking the beach

Things to see-

  • towering sandstone cliffs
  • tidal flats and tide pools on the shore
  • “Flat Rock,” otherwise known as “Indian Bathtub,” at the beginning of Black’s Beach
  • Peregrine falcon nest on the bluffs overlooking the beach
  • dolphins
  • shorebirds


Hiking La Jolla Shores to Black’s Beach

To continue our journey, I wanted to give you another great option to experience the coast of La Jolla by adding La Jolla Shores to the mix. I have to say that this is one of the best San Diego hikes that my kids enjoy the most!

Four Girls on the Beach La Jolla Shores

You can walk this stretch between Scripp’s Beach to Black’s Beach, but only on a very low tide.

—>Black’s Beach- The Naked Truth<—

On the other hand, if you look for a short hike, stopping at Scripps Beach and checking out the pier is still just as rewarding.

SIO La Jolla Shores Best San Diego Hikes

Making our way north, past the pier, we come upon Scripps Beach. There are always surfers in the water here and a top spot for checking out the tide pools over at Dike Rock.

Dike Rock Scripps Beach La Jolla

As you can see in the above photo, you can not pass on this beach unless the tide is extremely low.

South Blacks Beach Best San Diego Hikes
South Black’s Beach with Dike Rock in the very far background

La Jolla Shores to Scripps Pier– .9 miles, 1.8 miles round trip

La Jolla Shores Beach to Black’s Beach– 3 miles, 6 miles round trip

Amenities– no restrooms except at La Jolla Shores Beach

Things to see-

  • The Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier
  • Scripps Institute of Oceanography Library
  • Dike Rock-tide pools
  • Scripps Coastal Reserve
  • Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Torrey Pines Gliderport Trail

Walking Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Linear Trail

Another one of the best San Diego hikes is on top of the bluffs of Point Loma over at the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Linear Trail.

Beginning Sunset Cliffs best San Diego Hikes

The bluffs of Sunset Cliffs is by far my number one pick for one of the best San Diego hiking trails that are relatively short and easy, with some of the most breath-taking views in the city.

—>Discover Sunset Cliffs Natural Park<—

I always take friends and family that are visiting from out of town to this exact spot. It is a great place to show off the beauty of Southern California.

Linear trail sunset cliffs best San Diego hikes

No surf beach sunset cliffs natural park linear trail
No Surf Beach
Sunset cliffs staircase garbage beach point loma
Staircase down to Garbage Beach on Ladera St.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Linear Trail– 1.5 miles, 3 miles roundtrip

Amenities– no restrooms except over at the Ocean Beach Pier

Things to see-

  • unique cliffs and arches
  • marine life
  • surfers way out in the water
  • wildflowers
  • old architecture remnants (see the above link)
  • Sunset Cliffs Natural Park (Ladera St)


The Adventures of Hiking Coronado Beach

Another fabulous San Diego hike is on the beaches of Coronado. Here you will find humongous white sandy beaches to trek through to reach the water’s edge.

Coronado Beach Best San Diego Hikes

Coronado Beach has always been my children’s favorite, as they adore visiting the Hotel Del Coronado. There is so much rich history in Coronado, and I am happy that my children appreciate it so much.

—>Exploring Coronado Island<—

Hotel del Coronado Panoramic Coronado Beach

Our usual hike begins at the Coronado dog beach, and we make our way south to Gator Beach.

Coronado Shores Beach best san diego hikes
Coronado Shores looking toward Gator Beach in the far distance

It is important to mention that Gator Beach is part of Naval Amphibious Base Coronado; thus, you are unable to walk past the beach markers, or you may get a ticket.

Coronado Beach Coronado Island

The beauty of Coronado Beach is that you can hike regardless of the tide because the beaches here are extensive.

Coronado Dog Beach to Gator Beach– 2.2 miles, 4.4 miles round trip

Amenities– There is a restroom located between Coronado Dog Beach and the Hotel del Coronado and inside the hotel. Also, there is an outside bar at the hotel.

What to see

  • native plants in the sand as well as a secret message in the dunes
  • S.S. Monte Carlo shipwreck, which you can see with a very low tide-found south of the Hotel del Coronado
  • the sand glittering in the sun due to large amounts of mica being present
  • Hotel Del Coronado- definitely go inside and have a look!
  • Gator Beach is used for the training of Navy Seals, so maybe they will be practicing.


Coronado Dog Beach- Ocean Blvd, Coronado

So what did you think? Which of my picks for the best San Diego hikes has piqued your interest the most? I love them all; that is why I am inclined to share! And again, make sure to check out the tide chart before picking a location!

Until next time!

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  1. Encinitas! I loved them both, South and North! Even though I come from a country with the most beautiful beaches on earth -I’m boasting now, I know- I was fascinated by the beauty of this place. Colleen this isn’t a blog post! It’s a volume of a traveling encyclopedia! Thanks a lot for the great read!

    1. Thank you, Effie, for taking the time to add a comment! Yes, Encinitas is one of my favorite places to be, especially on a sunny day. The photo opportunities are endless! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed the information.

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