Discovering Oceanside Pier CA

Oceanside Pier

May 17, 2015- Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier is one of the largest piers in the State of California; measuring the length of 1954 feet.

This pier was first built in 1888 but was ultimately wiped out by a storm in 1890.

Eventually, it was again rebuilt in 1893 and additionally restored four more times due to heavy storms. The original location was at what is now Wisconsin Ave Beach.

This picture, taken off of the roof of Marriott SpringHill Suites provided an excellent platform for me to get these above the city shots. My daughter had a beach soccer tournament one weekend down on Harbor Beach, Oceanside; so we decided to stay overnight.

It was so fabulous to wake up to this view and not to mention watching soccer on the beach.

Oceanside pier
Surfing in Oceanside




Fishing Oceanside Pier



Oceanside Pier is very popular when it comes to fishing since a large variety of fish are caught off here. Specifically, on the weekends, more than 75 anglers are fishing at the same time.

 I have broken up the pier into three parts to distinguish what type of species you are likely to catch.

Fish Seen at Oceanside Pier-CA

Oceanside Pier CA
  • The beginning, right above the shoreline, consists of sand dwellers; such as croakers, corbina, barred surfperch, sargo, round stingrays.
  • Towards the middle, you will find halibut, sand bass, white croaker, yellowfin croaker, topsmelt, jacksmelt, herring, and small sharks.
  • Towards the end, you may find more pelagic species, such as small yellowtail, bonito, mackerel, barracuda and sometimes small thresher, blue or leopard sharks; as well as, small white seabass, kelp bass, barred sand bass, and Salema.

*I would like to add, that in my 4.5 years working on the coast, this is the only pier in San Diego County that I ever saw a Salema fish.

Brown Pelican
California Brown Pelican
right corner of pier
Right corner of the pier
oceanside pier-fishing
I think he caught one!



Do you notice the marine organisms attached to the piling?


At the end of the pier is a great place to sit a watch for whale spouts. Early on in my career, I did indeed see many California Gray whales during their migration season going by, but then again I was sitting in the same place for 4 hours.

If you are patient, trying watching between the months October-February when they are going South, and January-June when they are going North.


left corner of pier
Left corner of the pier.


oceanside pier
Looking for sea creatures and I see a Sea Star!
oceanside pier piling
I see a sea star and some barnacles!



Looking out to where the surfer is in the water, is approximately where the original pier stood in 1888.


oceanside pier down ramp

Going Down

Oceanside Pier CA
Oceanside pier
Base of pier
oceanside beach
Oceanside Beach-Pier View North


oceanside pier





4 Replies to “Discovering Oceanside Pier CA”

  1. Hi Colleen,

    These are awesome pictures. I particularly like the piers and the fresh mackerel. I am a big fan of oily fish such as salmon and mackerel to name a few. You are very lucky to be leaving near the sea. I think you are doing a wonderful job sharing your passion with other people and educating them at the same time.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Rabia! Thank you so much, and I appreciate your comment. Mackerel is very popular on the Oceanside Pier. I have even seen some fisherman eat it raw right there on the pier! I live about 20 miles inland, so whenever I have a chance I head West! Thank you again!

  2. Very good photo header.
    It was good if you could get some photos of different heights of the day – like dawn and dusk or night shots.
    And also different times of the year.
    But I enjoyed the visit! Thank you 😉

    1. Hi Daniel! I am glad you enjoyed. I did have shots from different times of the year, but I guess in Calif. almost every day looks the same 😉 Thanks again!

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