List of San Diego Launch Ramps

Are you thinking about coming down to visit San Diego with your boat or sailboat? Did you know there are ten San Diego coastal boat launch ramps?

Here is a complete list of all available San Diego boat launch ramps. I will concentrate on the entire county of San Diego but only on the coast.

 Also, I will be including smaller launch ramps where you may enter smaller boats, kayaks, and paddleboards.

Where are all of the San Diego Boat Launch Ramps?

South Shores Launch Ramp Mission Bay
South Shores Launch Ramp- Mission Bay

Did you realize that San Diego County has three separate bays to launch out of- Oceanside, Mission Bay, and San Diego Bay? Altogether, there are ten different boat launch ramps.

With so many San Diego boats launching ramps, I thought it would be helpful to list them and link each address to a google map. If I have found any other pertinent information, I have included that as well.

Happy boating!

Oceanside Harbor 

Oceanside Harbor Google Map

 Located 40 miles north of downtown San Diego, Oceanside Harbor is the only boat launch in North County, San Diego.

Oceanside Boat Launching Ramp

Oceanside Harbor Boat Launch Google Map

1380 N Pacific St

(760) 435-4000

Hours- 24 hours


  • Four lanes
  • freshwater washdown area (bring your hose)/ RV pumping station
  • bait barge- opens at 6 am
  • 110 parking spaces for vehicles with boat trailers
  • full dock nearby with ice, beer, soft drinks, as well as other provisions- (760) 722-5853; call for more information as hours vary with seasons
  • restrooms

Additional –

  • City of Oceanside Information
  • Paid parking
  • All Day Parking Lot Fees- (Sept 16 to May 14) from 4 am to 8 pm= $10; 8 pm to 4 am= $20- so $30 total
  • All Day Parking Lot Fees- (May 15 to Sept 15) from 4 am to 8 pm= $15; 8 pm to 4 am= $20- so $35 total
  • the entrance to the harbor can be dangerous when there is a strong W or WSW swell
  • RV camping is available in the far north section of the parking

boat launch ramp oceanside harbor

If you are interested, I looked more in-depth at Oceanside Harbor this past summer. Click on the link for more information.

—>Oceanside Harbor Boat Launch-A Closer Look<–

Mission Bay Launch Ramps

Mission Bay Harbor San Diego Boat Launching Ramps

There are five boat launch ramps in various locations throughout Mission Bay. If you have a large boat, I would suggest South Shores and Dana Landing, as the three other ramps cater more towards jet skis and smaller craft.

Mission Bay is only 8 miles north of San Diego Bay, so if the Shelter Island launch ramp is overly crowded during peak season, Mission Bay is a viable option.

There are a couple of things to note about boating in Mission Bay. First, the speed limit is five mph in all areas not designated for water skiing and other personal watercraft. Second, the entrance to Mission Bay is due west, which makes entering and exiting on a big west swell very nerve-wracking.

I have provided all the information you need to go boating on Mission Bay-Mission Bay Boating.

Santa Clara Point Launch Ramp

Santa Clara Point launch ramp Google map

1001 Santa Clara Pl

Hours- 24 hours


  • one lane
  • vehicles without a trailer- no parking from 2 am to 5 am
  • small parking lot- 14 spots for cars with trailers
  • located next to Santa Clara Point Recreation Center and Mission Bay Aquatic Center & Sports Center

Santa Clara Point Launch Ramp Mission Bay Park

De Anza Boat Launch Ramp

De Anza Boat Launch Google Map

3500 Mission Bay Dr

Hours- 4 am to 2 am


  • four lanes
  • for boats and jet skies
  • restroom nearby


  • located off Interstate 5
  • farthest from the ocean
  • there is no speed limit in the part of the Bay near this ramp and the  channel that connects to South Shores and Dana Landing
De Anza Boat Launch Mission Bay
A view of De Anza Boat Launch from over at Fiesta Island

South Shores Launch Ramp

South Shores Boat Launch Google Map

South Shores Parkway

(619)- 221-8910

Hours- 4 am to 2 am


  • Ten lanes
  • huge parking lot with over 200 spaces for trailers
  • park up to 72 hours, but no overnight camping is allowed
  • boat loading and unloading dock (15-minute limit)
  • showers and restroom


  • adjacent to Sea World
  • 15 minutes east of Dana Landing, going the harbor speed limit of 5 mph
  • well lit at night

south shores launch ramp mission bay

Dana Landing Mission Bay

Dana Landing Boat Launch Google Map

2630 Ingraham St

(619) 222-6440

Open 24 hours


  • Four lanes
  • 150 parking spaces
  • 72-hour parking for a vehicle with an attached trailer/ no overnight camping
  • restrooms


  • busiest Mission Bay launch ramp
  • closest launch ramp to the ocean
  • ideal for fishing Mission Bay or La Jolla kelp beds to the north
  • fuel dock nearby
  • adjacent market-bait, tackle, and deli (see above link)

dana landing boat launch mission bay

Ski Beach Boat Launching Ramp

Ski Beach Launch Ramp Google Map

Ski Beach

Hours- 4 am to 2 am


  • Four lanes
  • 120 parking spaces for vehicles with trailers attached
  • wash down area
  • restrooms
  • ideal for jet skis and smaller boats

ski beach ramp mission bay san diego

San Diego Bay Launch Ramps

San Diego Bay Google Map Launch Ramps

San Diego Bay is the closest launch ramp area if you are interested in fishing in Mexican waters and Point Loma kelp beds to the north.

There are five different launch ramps to choose from in San Diego Bay. I will start north at Shelter Island and list each boat launch ramp on the shore going south, finally ending at the Glorietta Bay Launch Facility in Coronado.

San Diego Bay Navigational Chart-(NOAA)

 Shelter Island Launch Ramp

Shelter Island Boat Launch Google Map

2230 Shelter Island Dr

(619) 686-6227

Hours- 5:30 am to 10:30 pm


  • Ten lanes
  • newly remodeled- safer and easier to navigate
  • floating docks
  • over 200 parking spots for vehicles with trailers attached
  • restrooms


  • Over 50,000 boat launches per year, making it the busiest launch ramp in California
  • extremely crowded when the fishing is good with long wait lines
  • less than 3 miles from the Pacific Ocean
  • closest to the bait barge

Shelter Island Launch Ramp June 2020

For a more ‘in-depth look and review of the newly remodeled launch ramp- click on the link below!

–>The New Shelter Island Boat Launch Ramp<–

Pepper Park Launch Ramp- Pier 32 Marina

Pepper Park Boat Launch Google Map

3299 Tidelands Ave


(619) 686-6200

Hours- Sunrise to sunset


  • Ten lanes
  • easy to get off of the freeway
  • restrooms
  • picnic area
  • fishing pier nearby


  • not too popular for fishermen, unless for a short day trip
  • gate locks at sunset

Pepper Park Launch Ramp Sweetwater River

Chula Vista Boat Launching Ramp

Chula VIsta Launch Ramp Google Map

980 Marina Way

(619) 686-6227

Open 24 hours


  • Ten lanes
  • large parking area for vehicles with trailers attached
  • fuel dock nearby
  • restrooms
  • picnic areas

Additional Information

  • the closest ramp to fish in South San Diego Bay
  • the furthest ramp away from the entrance of the Bay- takes 15 minutes to Shelter Island
  • there are incredibly shallow shoals in the surrounding areas, so care should be considered when navigating- refer to the nautical chart before leaving the ramp
  • this ramp is ideal if you wish to stay within South San Diego Bay, as it would take some time to exit the Bay to go out to sea
Chula Vista Launch Ramp San Diego Bay
A view of the Chula Vista Launch Ramp for the J Street Pier

Glorietta Bay Boat Launch Ramp

Glorietta Bay Boat Launch Ramp Google Map

1975 Strand Way

Website-Glorietta Bay Marina/Public Dock

(619) 522-7300

Hours- 4 am to 2 am


  • Two lanes
  • an isolated harbor in  San Diego Bay
  • 72-hour anchorage is allowed directly across the basin from the ramp
  • restrooms
  • picnic areas
  • boat wash off area
  • ADA-compliant low freeboard dock for kayaks, paddleboards
  • sandy beach to allow for the non-motorized craft to launch from
  • limited parking for vehicles with trailers attached, only 12 spaces
  • parking for cars without trailers until 2:00 am
  • no overnight parking

Additional Offerings

  • Centrally located for fishing in San Diego Bay
  • the next closest launch ramp to the entrance of Bay
  • usually not crowded
  • Seaforth Boat Rentals– offers the use of a public-use dock 8 hours a day on a first-come, first-served basis- (619)437-1514
  • Overnight docking is available; don’t hesitate to get in touch with Glorietta Bay Marina Office at (619) 453-5203



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