Walking The Panhe Nature Trail

Panhe Nature Trail Panoramic

Panhe Nature Trail connects the San Mateo Campground to Trestles Beach on the Northeastern San Onofre State Beach border. Here you may witness firsthand what ‘Old California ‘ used to be.

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Discovering The Panhe Nature Trail

San Mateo Campground Sign Panhe Nature Trail

Panhe was one of the largest villages of the Acjachemen (Ah-HAWSH-eh-men) native people who were the original inhabitants of Southern California (12,000BC-1542 AD).

In 1769, the first close contact between the Acjachemen,  Spanish explorers, and the Catholic Missionaries occurred at this spot. As well as the site for the very first baptism in California! The site is marked by a cross, which still stands today.

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