San Diego Bay Cruises-Get on the Water!

So are you visiting San Diego and want to experience the water? I know of a great way of doing just that, but without getting seasick. May I suggest to you, a San Diego Bay cruise?

I believe that there is no better way to enjoy the saltwater environment than being on it. After doing a little research, I found some exciting cruises. Take a look for yourself, at the wide variety of San Diego Bay cruises that are available.

It should be noted before I begin, that I will only be listing San Diego Bay cruises, not whale watching or fishing tours as I have written about both extensively. If you would like more information regarding whales or fish, please refer to the two previous posts that I have linked.

Let’s now see all of the San Diego Bay cruises and which one is best for you, shall we?

What to See on a San Diego Bay Cruise

San Diego Bay Google Map Satellite View

I thought before listing all of the available San Diego Bay cruises that I would take the time to list a few notable spots that you will encounter while on tour in both North Bay and South Bay.

If you are interested in checking out what there is to see at San Diego Bay, click here, as I have written an in-depth photo tour.

Down below,  are a few of the major locations that you will see on any of the San Diego Bay cruises.

North San Diego Bay

Shelter Island Pier Harbor View San Diego Bay
North San Diego Bay at Shelter Island
  • Maritime Museum
  • Star of India
  • Harbor Island
  • America’s Cup Harbor
  • Shelter Island
  • North Island Naval Air Station
  • California Sea Lions
  • Nuclear Submarine Base
  • Cabrillo National Monument
  • Point Loma Lighthouse

South San Diego Bay

Working Waterfront San Diego Bay Cruises
South San Diego Bay view from the Embarcadero Pier
  • Travel under the Coronado Bay Bridge
  • USS Midway Aircraft Carrier
  • Seaport Village
  • Naval Destroyers and Frigates
  • Embarcadero Park
  • San Diego’s Working Waterfront, shipbuilding facilities
  • Naval Base San Diego
  • Coronado Island

Look at the Variety of San Diego Bay Cruises!

San Diego Bay is over 27 miles long and 1 to 3 miles wide. There is a lot of areas to cover. Here I would like to show you the wide variety of San Diego Bay cruises that are offered every day of the week.

Flagship Cruises Tours and Events

Spirit of San Diego San Diego Bay Cruises
Photo credit -Wikimedia Commons

990 N Harbor Dr

(619) 234-4111

Spirit of San Diego– 146-foot, holds up to 575 guests

Open every day from 8 am to 6:30 pm

Flagship Cruises Tours and Events was established in 1915 and are San Diego oldest and longest-running touring companies.


  • 3-levels
  • indoor and outdoor seating
  • lush carpeted interior
  • unobstructed 360-degree views
  • full bar/snack bar
  • VIP Captain’s Salon
  • Wifi internet


  • 1 hour North Bay Tour departing at- 10 am, 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm
  • 1 hour South Bay Tour departing at- 11:15 am, 1:45 pm, 4:15 pm
  • 2 hour Full San Diego Bay Tour departing at- 10 am, 11:15 am, 12:30 pm, 1:45 pm, 3:00 pm

So it turns out that the same boat is used on both the North Bay and South Bay Tours, as the ship is continually circling the Bay throughout the day.

Once the North Bay Tour has ended, the ship heads back to dock to pick up the remaining passengers who wish to go on the South Bay Tour. If you have purchased a ticket for the complete Two Hour Tour, then you would remain on board.


1-Hour North Bay or South Bay Tour

  • Adults-$27,
  • Seniors/Military-$24.
  • Children (4-12)- $13.50

2-Hour Full San Diego Bay Tour

  • Adults- $32
  • Senior/Military- $29
  • Children (4-12)- $16
Cabrillo 2010 Flagship Coronado Ferry
A Flagship ferry from Downtown San Diego to Coronado
Additional Offerings-

Flagship Cruises and Events have several different unique San Diego Bay cruises! If you would like additional information, please refer to their website. Here are a few that I would like to share with you!

  • Sunday Champagne Brunch
  • Beer Pairing Dinner Cruise  (Fridays)
  • 30 minute Patriot Jet Boat Rides (Sat-Sun)
  • San Diego Dinner Cruise (Every night)
  • Sunday Prime Rib Dinner Cruise
  • New Year’s Eve Dinner and New Year’s Day Brunch Cruises
  • Patriot Jet Boat Thrill Ride
  • Flagship Ferry-connecting Downtown San Diego and Coronado

Hornblower Cruises and Events

Hornblower San Diego San Diego Bay Cruises
Photo credit- TDelCoro at Flickr

1800 N Harbor Dr

(619) 686-8700

Adventure Hornblower– 150-foot  which holds up to 400 people

Mon-Fri 5 am- 11 pm; Sat-Sun 7 am- 11 pm


  • Three levels
  • an educational and environmental narrator on board
  • comfortable outdoor and climate control indoor seating
  • snack bar with adult beverages
  • onboard exhibit with green environmental facts regarding San Diego Bay as well as local marine wildlife
  • “Hornblower is a proud partner in environmental stewardship on San Diego Bay.”


  • 1 hour North Cruise departs @, 10 am, 12:30 pm, 3 pm, 5:30 pm
  • 1 hour South Cruise departs @, 8:45 am, 11:45 am, 1:45 pm, 4:15 pm
  • 2 hour Full San Diego Cruise departs @, 10 am, 11:15 am, 12:30 pm, 1:45 pm, 3:00 pm, 4:15 pm


  • 1 hour-$27
  • 2 hour- $32

Special Notes-

Very similar to Flagship, the same boat does both tours. So when the South Cruise is done, the ship will return to the dock to pick up North Cruise passengers. And yes, if you are on the Two Hour Cruise, then you will stay on the boat.

Additional Offerings-
  • San Diego Full Moon Dinner Cruises
  • Nightly Dinner Cruises
  • Sunday Champagne Brunches
  • Lobster Dinner Cruise (Sat-Sun)

San Diego SEAL Tours


500 Kettner Blvd

1004 N Harbor Dr

(619) 298-8687

Here we have the unique vessel- a Hydra Terra, which is amphibious! Explore San Diego on both land and water!

10:30 am- 5:00 pm


  • 90-minute tour– 30 minutes on land, 60 minutes in water
  • Seats up to 40 people
  • 2 locations to board at (see above)
  • 100%  satisfaction guarantee


  • Adults- $42
  • Children (4-12)- $25
  • Children under 3- $10

Adventure R.I.B. Rides

Adventure RIB Rides San Diego Bay Cruises
Photo credit-Adventure RIB Rides

1380 Harbor Island Dr

(619) 808-2822

An authentic Navy S.E.A.L Rigid-hulled Inflatable boat which holds up to 6 passengers

Open 24 hours


  • The boat’s design allows for incredible speed
  • Low profile reduces rocking, therefore, less of a chance of seasickness
  • The vessels small size gives you the ability to see things at a closer range


  • The San Diego Harbor Cruise last 2 hours and concentrates on North San Diego Bay, with special consideration on Military Operations


  • $350 for up to 6 people

Additional Offerings-

  • Eco-Tour to Los Coronado Islands, Mexico
  • Corporate Outings and Team Building
  • Film and TV Production
  • Whale Watching
  • Custom Private Tours

Speed Boat Adventures

Speed Boat Adventures San Diego Bay Cruises
Photo credit- Speed Boat Adventures

1450 Harbor Island Dr

(619) 294-5852

F-13 mini speedboat


  • each boat can carry three people
  • comfortable seat, and drives like a car
  • super quiet, eco-friendly motor
  • cruise slow or go as fast as a jet-ski
  • learn basic boating rules and hand signals beforehand
  • storage compartment for bags


  • 2 hour Speed Boat Adventure Tour-follow behind a tour guide and listen to a narrated tour via a two-way communication system
  • cover over 13 miles, concentrating
  • departure times- 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm (Summer)


  • 1 person boat- $120
  • 2 person boat- $139.80
  • 3 person boat- $204.70

Additional Offerings-

  • San Diego Harbor VIP Tour- includes a guided speedboat tour, followed by a Harbor Bike Tour and ending with admission into USS Midway Museum

Randy Phillips Tours

Randy Phillips Tours San Diego Bay Cruises
Photo credit- Randy Phillips Tours

955 Harbor Island Dr

(858) 531-3186

A small vessel for up to 6 people

Captain Randy Phillips

8 am- 8 pm


  • Public Harbor Tour– 1.5 hours @ Adults-$65, Under 21- $45, Under 12-$35, Under 2- $25
  • Private Harbor Tour– 1.5 hours @ Base Charter fee-$150, Adults-$30, Under 6- $20, Under 2- 0
  • Public Sunset Tour– 2 hours @ Adults- $100, Under 21-$75, Under 12- $50, Under 2- $25
  • Private Sunset Tour– 2 hours @ Base Charter fee-$200, Adults- $50, Under 6- $25, Under 2- $0

Additional Offerings-

  • Concerts- head over to Humphrey’s by the Bay and anchor in the harbor to listen to the concert. See website for additional information.

Private Yacht Cruises on San Diego Bay

Down below, I have found several businesses which offer the ability to create your custom San Diego Bay cruise!

Mai Tai San Diego Yacht Charters

Mai Tai San Diego Yacht Charters San Diego Bay
Photo credit- Mai Tai San Diego Yacht Charters

1880 Harbor Island Dr

(888) 624-8247

Many vessels to choose from

Captain-Dan Wilson


  • It all depends on which vessel you choose from
  • there are smaller boats, catamarans, and superyachts (45′ to 90′)
  • catering and drinks are available for an additional charge


  • Bay Cruises Tour
  • Sunset Booze Cruise
  • Ultimate Yacht Parties


  • 1-6 passenger boat- $350/hour
  • 1-12 passenger yacht- $400/hour

60′ Hatteras- $600/hour

86′ Super Yacht- $1200/hour

  • 13-27 passenger yacht- $600/hour
  • 1-40 passenger yacht- $700/hour
  • 3 to 4-hour rentals are suggested

Additional Offerings-

  • Anything that you can dream up, Mai Tai  San Diego Yacht Charters will make it happen! Take a look at the website for additional information.

San Diego Bay Cruises

Marina Cortez San Diego Bay Cruises
Cabrillo Isle Marina

1380 Harbor Island Dr

(619) 928-2441

San Diego Bay Cruises is a comprehensive yacht chartering service that acts as a go-between private yacht owners and the general public. Each Captain has there own rates, so please see the website for additional information.

Choose from a wide variety of vessels:

  • Sailing Yachts
  • Motor Yachts
  • Mega Yachts
  • Small boats and Sport Craft
  • Super Yachts
  • Boatels (Boat Hotels)

8 am- 9:30 pm


  • San Diego Bay Cruises
  • Sailing
  • Dinner Cruises
  • Parties/Weddings
  • Private Charters


  • depends on the size of the vessel as well as the discretion of the Captain
  • each Captain has there own prices, so please see the website for more information

Additional Information-

  • Wine tasting may be added to any tour
  • Ground transportation may be provided for six or more passengers

Cherie Amie Yacht Charters

Cherie Amie Yacht Charters San Diego Bay Cruises
Photo credit- Eventbrite

1901 N Harbor Dr

(888) 749-6559

Cherie Amie-  A 90-foot, 1980’s King’s Craft luxury liner which holds up to 140 people

Open 24 hours


  • indoor and outdoor lounges
  • Three levels
  • two outdoor decks
  • multi-media access
  • Captain and crew


  • Private Charters


  • $500/ hour

Additional Offerings-

  • Dinner Cruise for $50/person
  • full bar upgrade
  • catering upgrade

Private Sailing Charters on San Diego Bay

Sailing San Diego Bay San Diego Bay Cruises

Have you ever wanted to go sailing? How about cruising San Diego Bay on a sailboat? Down below, I found a few fantastic San Diego Bay cruises that indeed are on a sailboat!

Let’s have a look!

Pacifica Sailing Charters

Sailing San Diego Bay 18 Coronado Bridge

1880 Harbor Island Dr

(619) 268-4868

-Choose from a variety of vessels

10 am- 6 pm


  • There is a 2.5 hour San Diego Bay Cruise offered twice a day-10 am and again at 4 pm
  • The main objective of this tour is to go and see the California sea lions hanging out in the northern section of the Bay; as well as.concentrating on the military installations along the way. There is also a great chance of seeing dolphins in this section of the Bay as well.
  • Also, learn the history of the Bay via a tour guide onboard
  • complimentary snacks and water


  • available every day- 2 passengers for $180

Additional Offerings-

  • Couple Sailing Cruise for Two-$180
  • Private Couple Afternoon Sailing Cruise- $280
  • Sunset Sailing Cruise for Two- $220

see website for additional options

San Diego Sailing Tours

Cabrillo Safe Harbor San Diego Bay Cruises
Cabrillo Safe Harbor

1450 Harbor Island Dr #206

(619) 786-0173

Choose from a variety of classic sailing yachts with ‘lustrous wood and brass detailing.’


  • Experienced Captain and crew
  • Sit back and relax or help with sailing-it is up to you
  • First beer or wine complimentary
  • Hors-d’oeuvres


  • 2 Hour Signature Sailing Tour around San Diego Bay- This is a group tour with a maximum of 6 passengers. Tours leave at 10 am, 1 pm and 4:30 pm (Sunset Cruise)


  • Day Sail-$79/person
  • Sunset Sail- $89/person

Additional Offerings-

  • Private Sailing Charter for 2
  • Private Group Charters
  • Custom Private Charters
  • 60-foot Catamaran which holds 48 people for private charter

Sail JADA Charters

Sailboats Seaport Village San Diego Bay Cruises

1380 Harbor Island Dr

(858) 222-9479

9 am- 9 pm


  • JADA, built in 1938, is the only authentic classic wooden sailing yacht for charter in San Diego
  • Sunset Champagne Cruise– includes sparkling wine, beer, water, light snacks, blankets. Enjoy the view and learn exciting things about San Diego Bay while you cruise into the sunset.
  • 2.5 hours
  • Boarding times are seasonal, so please refer to the website for appropriate arrival times

Additional Offerings-

  • Private Charters
  • Corporate Charters
  • Memorials at Sea
  • Dinner Cruises
  • Weddings at Sea

Fun Cat Sailing Catamaran Adventures

Fun Cat Sailing Adventures San Diego Bay Cruises
Photo credit- Fun Cat Catamaran Sailing Adventures

Gate A-D, 955 Harbor Island Dr

(619) 866-7245

Two big catamarans-Tigress and Wind Drum

Captain Rod (owner)

6 am- 10 pm


  • very stable ride
  • shade
  • queen beds
  • a large net to lay on and sunbathe
  • a large table in the middle for food and drinks
  • running water
  • kayaks
  • snacks and beverages provided
  • sunscreen, blankets, jackets, binoculars, hats for loan are available


  • Relaxing Morning Sea Life Sailing Adventures- three hours of a harbor tour as well as the coastline-9:45- 12:45 @ $85/person
  • 2 in 1 Catamaran/ Sea Kayak Adventures-Try their new stable Hobie peddle tandem kayaks while anchored-call for seasonal schedule-@ $95/person

Additional Offerings-

  • Afternoon/Sunset Sea Life Ocean Sailing Adventure- available daily. Discover the wildlife outside of San Diego Bay while sailing on the coastline and returning at sunset-1:30 pm- 4:45 pm-@$85/person

Custom Charters are available, see website for more information

So what do you think? Can you believe how many San Diego Bay cruises that are offered? From your big boat tours to mini- speed boats, to large catamarans, there is something for everyone!

If you happen to know of any more companies that offer tours, please leave me a message in the comment section, as I would love to have a complete list.


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