Oceanside Beach CA- Let’s Go!

Oceanside Beach, CA, is 30 min north of Downtown San Diego in North County San Diego. Did you know that the city of Oceanside is best known for being the home of the Marine Military Base Camp Pendleton?

Join me for a mini-tour of Oceanside Pier a day after a winter storm!

View on Oceanside Pier CA, looking North
View from toward the middle of the  Oceanside Pier

 A Day After A Storm – Oceanside Beach CA

Beginning Oceanside Pier Palm Trees Flags
The base of Oceanside Pier

If we had to pick which coastal site is closest to us, it would be Oceanside Beach, CA.

Living 20 miles inland, this is where we go if we only have a few hours to kill and often includes taking a quick stroll on the Oceanside Pier.

Some of our most exciting times are when we get up and go on a whim; so we did just that one day when I came home early from work.

Once we arrived, we walked into a bunch of seagulls flying around at the base of the pier.

Walking Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier Ramp birds palm trees

Oceanside Pier Oceanside Beach CA

Big Beautiful Waves at Oceanside Beach 

The waves were so big and loud, and you could feel the electricity in the air. It was a bit chilly, with the wind blowing pretty hard.

Big waves Oceanside Beach CA

Surfer big wave Oceanside Pier
Surfer off Oceanside Pier

Surfer in wave at Oceanside Beach, CA

Big wave crashing wind blowing

Wave crashing off Oceanside Pier

YouTube Surprise at Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Beach CA

While watching this surfer, I looked over next to me and saw a gentleman with the oddest equipment I had ever seen.  It looked like he was fishing with his camera. It is tough to explain, but it turns out that he films underwater with his GoPro camera.

I approached him and was fascinated by what he told me. He goes to different locations and leaves his GoPro underwater for a bit, and in the meantime, underwater, he can maneuver and see what is going on in real-time.

Once I got home, I searched on YouTube for his channel, TASi, and found it completely addicting! I can watch this stuff for hours. I mean, I always stare out at the water and wonder what is going on underneath, and now I have real-time examples. Yippee!

Skip to the 7 min mark. I love seeing the flowing of the water.

This video is one of my favorites because you can see and hear the fish.  You listen to croakers ‘croak’.

There is so much going on underneath the pier! I am so fortunate to have found this channel and many others like it.

Sunset Oceanside Beach CA,

Winter storm waves off Oceanside Pier
Big waves Oceanside Pier
Stormy Waters Oceanside Beach CA
Stormy waters

Time To Say Goodbye! So Soon?Huge winter clouds behind Oceanside Pier sunset

Oceanside Beach CA

Though we only stayed for less than an hour, boy, did we experience so much!

I hope you enjoyed your mini-journey. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

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