Where to go? San Diego King Tides 2020

Boy, what a year! Ironically, did you happen to know that the very last time my husband and I were at the beach before this nightmare of a year was on a King Tide? Yes, we experienced the extreme low tide on January 12 over at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, and it was sublime. If I had known that I wouldn’t be back at the coast until May 26, I would have taken more videos! Anyway, I digress. Let’s make the best of what is left of this unprecedented year, shall we?  Below are my top recommendations on the best San Diego beaches to visit and experience the highest and lowest tides left of the year, otherwise known as the last King Tides of 2020.

Before I start, obviously, going to the tide pools during a negative tide is a major activity, so that I will leave this for you!

–>Top Ten Best San Diego Tidepools<–

The Last Lowest Tides of the Year!

So how low and high are we talking about? There are two high and two low tides per 24 hours on the West Coast of the United States. What is the tide? Tides are long-period waves that cross the planet, pulled back and forth from gravitational pulls due to the earth’s interaction, moon, sun, and other heavenly bodies.

A King Tide is an unscientific term used to describe the highest and lowest tides of the years. A really high tide can be over two feet from normal. What does that mean?

For a King High Tide, this means that the water reaches over 2 feet onshore than usual (referred to as a mean tide) and retreating more from the shore than expected. I have a great love for extreme low tides as they offer you a glimpse of what otherwise is hidden under the water!

Here are the numbers-

December 13

  • High Tides-
    • 8:24 am-(7.50 feet)
    • 9:37 pm- (4.55 feet)
  • Low Tides-
    • 1:18 am- (1.3 feet)
    • 2:42 pm- (-1.71 feet)

December 14

  • High Tides
    • 8:18 am- (7.62 feet)
    • 9:54 pm- (4.47 feet)
  • Low Tide
    • 2:01 am- (1.54 feet)
    • 3:28 pm- (-1.89 feet)

December 15

  • High Tide
    • 9:00 am- (7.51 feet)
    • 10:45 pm- (4.34 feet)
  • Low Tide
    • 2:43 am- (1.77 feet)
    • 4:14 pm – (-1.81 feet)

December 16

  • High Tides-
    • 9:03 am (7.4 feet)
    • 10:43 pm (4.4 feet)
  • Low Tides
    • 3:27 am (2.03 feet)
    • 5:00 pm (-1.51 feet)

Considering the above chart, you can see that the best time to experience the lowest tides only happens in the late afternoon. As a comparison, King Tides always happens in the early morning hours during the Summer, making the Winter the prime time to experience a King Low Tide.

The California King Tide Project

The California King Tide Project is documenting how far the high tide will come onto the coast. They believe that this will give a good idea of how far the water might reach onshore if the seas rise within the next couple of decades due to ‘climate change.’ I will leave this here for you and let you make a decision.

Would you like to help document the highest tide? The California King Tide Project would love to see your photos! Click on the above link for more information.

Lowest of the Low-San Diego Low Tide Adventures!

My main goal is to document the lowest of the low tides. I love how you can observe what is usually covered up with water. Over the years, I have seen some incredible sights.

Today I would like to give you a few suggestions on where to go during the next King Tides. If I have a photo of the area, I will share it.

Starting from North to South, here are my top picks!

San Onofre State Beach

Monterey shale san onofre bluffs beach
Monterey Formation- Bluffs Beach

button map san onofre state beach

–>Getting to Know San Onofre State Beach<–

–>Checking Out the Cristianitos Fault<–

San Onofre State Beach is one of my favorite beaches in San Diego due to its ‘wildness.’ I have recently come to appreciate this beach’s geology. Surfing over here is so good due to what is underneath the waters.

I have been here during a negative low tide and was taken aback by the incredible number of rocks and pebbles.

Over south at San Onofre Bluffs Beach, you can witness a large amount of Monterey Formation become uncovered by the low tide.

Oceanside Pier

Wisconsin street beach oceanside king tide december

Wisconsin Street Beach Oceanside Google Map

–>Discovering Oceanside Pier CA<–

A little secret becomes undercovered when the tide is just right south of the Oceanside Pier. Off of Wisconsin Street, you can see the original pier pilings from the first Oceanside Pier, originally built in 1888 but was eventually wiped out by a winter storm in 1890.

Fun Fact- The palm trees that are lined up and down Pacific Street, were planted in the 1890’s.

Terra Mar Beach Tidepools

terramar beach tidepools king tide san diego

button map terra mar beach carlsbad

So why am I pointing out Terra Mar beach over at Carlsbad? I find these reefs to be so unique. You can even watch the surfers and explore the tide pools at the same time.

Torrey Pines State Beach- Monterey Formation

torrey pines state beach low tide

–>Torrey Pines State Beach<–

In 2018, my son and I made a trip over here to hike up on top of the bluffs at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. It was not only a King Tide but also a Super Moon, a Blue Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse (talk about a trifecta)!

Needless to say, I had to go and check out the coast on this day. I had always wondered why Torrey Pines State Beach had great shore fishing, and now I know why.

torrey pines monterey formation ocean water

The Seven Caves of La Jolla

la jolla caves san diego king tide

button map la jolla shores beach

–>La Jolla Shores Beach<–

–>La Jolla Coast Walk Trail, Let’s Go!<–

The Seven Caves of La Jolla are a popular destination for kayakers who launch from La Jolla Shores Beach.

As you can see, access to these caves is only by water (snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking.) But on a negative low tide, it is possible to enter into these caves by dry land.

It is quite a hike to get here, as you will have to navigate the tidepool rocks, so please keep this in mind.

The best starting point would be over at La Jolla Shores Beach. I also would suggest starting your adventure at least 1.5 hours before the low tide peaks. This way, you will have a buffer window that allows you to be at the caves when the tide is at its lowest.

Sunset Cliffs-Garbage Beach

Garbage Beach san diego king tide

–>King Tide at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park<–

–>Discover Sunset Cliffs Natural Park<–

My husband and I could visit Sunset Cliffs during the King Tide on  January 12, 2020. We started our escapade at Garbage Beach and proceeded south to check out New Break Beach.  Usually, there is no way to get to this small beach unless there is a shallow tide. It was an experience for sure!

I even was able to see two tiny caves.

If you would like to see the infamous “Rum Runners Cave,” make a right at the staircase at Garbage Beach, heading North. Just a head’s up; there might be many people doing the same.

new break beach king tide 2020
New Break Beach

A Shipwreck off Coronado? Yes!

Hotel del Coronado Panoramic sandy beach blue sky

button map hotel del coronado

–>Exploring Coronado Island<–

Just south of the Hotel del Coronado, the SS Monte Carlo sits on the ocean’s bottom, very close to shore. When there is a negative side, you can see this beauty.

Click on the above link for some interesting information.

I have yet to see it all in person, but I did see bits of it peaking up out of the water a couple of times.

Cabrillo National Monument Tidepools 

Cabrillo National Monument North view king tide

button map cabrillo national monument jan 1 2017

–>Cabrillo National Monument Tide Pools<–

Over here at the tip of Point Loma, where the Cabrillo National Monument is located, the shoreline looks otherworldly during a negative low tide.

My family and I were able to witness this beautiful area on January 1, 2018. On this day, it was not only a King Tide but also a Super Moon with a low tide reaching at  -1.98 feet!

Please click on the link above if you would like more information on what a Super Moon is and why it makes the low tide even lower.

More Tidal King Days in 2021

If you could not make it to the coast to check out the King Low Tide in December, here are some more excellent days to take advantage of in 2021!

January 2021

  • 11th at 2:27 pm- (-1.7 feet)
  • 12th at 3:09 pm- (-1.8 feet)
  • 13th at 3:50 pm- (-1.7 feet)
  • 14th at 4:29 pm- (-1.4 feet)

February 2021 

  • 8th at 1:39 pm- (-1.3feet)
  • 9th at 2:19 pm- (-1.5 feet)
  • 10th at 2:55pm- (-1.5 feet)
  • 11th at 3.28 pm- (-1.4 feet)

Until next time!


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