For the Love of San Diego Beaches

At the beach, life is different Time doesn’t move from hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun. Anonymous

little girl on sand
I have always loved the beach!

Discovering San Diego Beaches

 Sometime back, I remember reading that San Diego beaches are considered some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So it was only logical that when I moved down here from Los Angeles to go to college, it was my mission to see if this theory was correct. Are the beaches of San Diego such a big deal?

Though I had been to San Diego only once as a child,  the one thing I remember is Mission Beach. Well, when I finally went out to explore the San Diego coastline, I was not let down, not by a long shot! That was as far as my association with San Diego beaches went, flat and sandy.

For the Love of the Ocean

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved everything there is about the ocean. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to live less than five miles from the coast.

As a child, I would study whales and sharks and write up reports just for fun. I was that child who sent in letters imploring all to stop Japanese Whaling and the Canadian Fur Seal Hunts: you know, that typical kid (not really.)

At San Diego State University, I studied Marine Biology and later graduated with a degree in Biology. Did I also mention that my Spirit animal is a Blue Whale? Maybe I will explain that another time…

sand ocean people San Diego beaches
South Mission Beach

 Biology Major at San Diego State University

After moving down here, it was no big surprise that  I was immediately attracted to every San Diego beach, and I could not wait to explore!

Compared to the flat sandy beaches I was used to in Los Angeles, San Diego beaches are more diverse.  From the flat sandy beaches of Mission Beach to the rocky shores up in North County and the Tijuana Estuary down South: the famous beaches of San Diego offer a large variety of environments to experience.

One good advantage of my Biology major was the field trips:

-Exploring the largest coastal wetland in Southern California, the Tijuana Estuary, located in Imperial Beach and bordered by Mexico.

Walking around Bird Rock in La Jolla to study the tide pools on an extremely low tide.

-Behind the scene visits at Birch Aquarium and SeaWorld

-Departing on a boat during a full moon to collect plankton and deep water fish specimens; too bad I was sick the whole time (about 3/4 of us were.)

-Helping out a Graduate Student take benthic samples from a boat in Mission Bay.

Seaweed Heart San Diego Beaches
I found this on the beach one day.

Fisheries Technician

About a year after graduation, I took a position with a private government contractor conducting the Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistical Survey (MRFSS).

In essence, I would find recreational anglers on the coast and beaches of  San Diego County. Once found, I would inquire about their fishing and finally identify, weigh and measure their catches.

It should be noted; that andeven though sometimes I would wear the Fish and Game uniform, I had no power to give anyone a ticket for anything.  I was strictly on the biology side of things.

Each month, I was assigned different locations on the coast to search for anglers to participate in the survey.   These sites included piers, surf-fishing, jetty, launch ramp, or my favorite-1/2 and 3/4 day Party /Charter Boats.

I held this position for over 4.5  years and, as a result, became very familiar with where to find anglers on the 70 miles of the San Diego coastline, especially in the case of locating surf fishing anglers.

It is essential to mention that, sometimes, these anglers were fishing alongside each other. But most often, they were miles away from where I parked, and as a result, this ultimately led me to many discoveries of out-of-the-way places.

Fisheries Technician measuring board
The fish measuring board.
Fisheries Technician asking fisherman on boat questions
Oceanside Launch Ramp.

I Love San Diego Beaches

Heart on Beach San Diego Beaches

The purpose of this site is to share my experiences via the use of many personal photos taken through the years.

My goal is to have a very comprehensive reference page for everything about San Diego beaches. I would also like to make this site a place to learn new and exciting facts.

With San Diego having over 70 miles of coastline, there are many places still to explore. Together there are so many things yet to learn about history, not to mention the flora,  fauna, and the ocean water itself.

So please, have a look around.

I have also included a resource page in the menu section for all the information you never knew you might need before visiting any of the San Diego beaches.

In the blog section, I have included many photo essays documenting the walks and adventures that my family and I have had on the coast of San Diego.  Please also look at the recent blog menu and proceed to click on each title individually if you would like to leave a comment (I love comments!)

I have just added a Shopping/Review section as well, which offers you many great deals about everything you could ever need for the beach and more!

I hope you enjoy yourself and please look around.

Man and Woman San Diego Beaches
My husband and I

San Diego Beaches Through the Years

Father and Son Torrey Pines State Beach
1999- A day at Torrey Pines State Beach
Baby on Surfboard San Diego Beaches
2000- Ocean Beach

A Trip Down the Coast of San Diego

I want to give you a small introduction to the beautiful beaches of San Diego, starting at the northern shore. Please keep in mind that I have also linked all the available information that I have so far on each beach.

San Onofre State Beach

San Onofre State Beach San Diego Beaches
San Onofre State Beach

Here we start our trip at Trestles-Middles. As we make our way South, we pass by the private Camp Pendleton campground-San Onofre Beach Campground. Offshore there is an excellent surf break, Church, after there used to be a Church there.  A woman was attacked by a great white shark wading in the water at this beach not too long ago.

Church San Onofre San Diego Beaches
Church Beach

San Onofre Surf Beach San Diego Beaches

Old Man's Beach San Diego Beaches

Old Man's Beach San Diego Beaches

Dogpatch Beach San Diego Beach


Camp Pendleton Del Mar Beach San Diego Beaches
Del Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton.

Oceanside Harbor Beach San Diego Beaches

Oceanside Harbor San Diego Beaches
California sea lions are enjoying the sun in Oceanside Harbor.

Oceanside Harbor San Diego Beaches

Oceanside Beach Inlet San Diego Beaches

Oceanside Beach San Diego Beaches

Oceanside Pier San Diego Beaches
Oceanside Pier
san diego beaches
Wisconsin Street Beach
Buccaneer Beach
San Diego Beaches
South Oceanside Beach-Cassidy Street

Saint Malo Beach San Diego Beaches

Carlsbad Beaches

Carlsbad City Beach
Terramar Beach San Diego Beaches
Terramar Beach
North Ponto Beach San Diego Beaches
North Ponto Beach
South Carlsbad State Beach San Diego Beaches
South Carlsbad State Beach

South Carlsbad Beach San Diego Beaches

South Ponto Beach San Diego Beaches
South Ponto Beach

Encinitas Beaches

Grandview Beach San Diego Beaches
Grandview Beach
Beacon's Beach San Diego Beaches
Beacon’s Beach, Encinitas
Moonlight Beach San Diego Beaches
Moonlight Beach
D Street Beach San Diego Beaches
D Street Beach
San Diego Beach
Boneyard Beach
Swami’s State Beach
san diego beaches
San Elijo State Beach
san diego beach
Cardiff Reef at Cardiff State Beach
San Elijo Creek was going out on a low tide. (Cardiff State Beach)
San Diego Beaches
South Cardiff State Beach

Solana Beach

San Diego Beaches
Fletcher Cove Beach


Del Mar Beaches



La Jolla Beaches

Torrey Pines State Beach

North Torrey Pines State Beach San Diego Beach
North Torrey Pines State Beach
Los Penasquitos Lagoon San Diego Beaches
Los Penasquitos Lagoon at Torrey Pines State Beach
Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve San Diego Beaches
Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
Torrey Pines State Beach sandstone bluffs
Torrey Pines State Beach
Flat Rock Beach Torrey Pines State Beach
Flat Rock Beach
Black Beach Torrey Pines State Beach


Scripps Beach San Diego Beaches
Scripps Beach looking toward Black’s Beach
san diego beaches
Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO) Pier
san diego beaches
La Jolla Shores-One of the Best Beaches of La Jolla.
La Jolla Shores Beach– looking toward downtown La Jolla.

san diego beaches

san diego beaches
Do you see the cliffs of Torrey State Beach in the background?
san diego beaches
Behind the Children’s Pool
san diego beaches
Wipeout Beach
San Diego Beaches
Hospital Beach
San Diego Beaches
Whispering Sands Beach
San Diego Beaches
Marine Street Beach
San Diego Beaches
Windnsea Beach
San Diego Beaches
La Jolla Strand Beach
San Diego Beaches
Camino de la Costa Beach Access
San Diego Beaches
Bird Rock Beach
San Diego Beaches
Calumet Park Beach
San Diego Beaches
Linda Way Beach Access
San Diego Beaches
Tourmaline Surf Park

Showcasing the Best Beaches of La Jolla

Pacific Beach and Mission Beach

San Diego Beaches
North Pacific Beach
san diego beaches
View of Pacific Beach from the Crystal Pier.
san diego beaches
Crystal Pier
san diego beaches
South Mission Beach with La Jolla in the distance.
san diego beaches
World-famous Mission Beach Boardwalk.

san diego beaches

san-diego beaches
Summer Solstice at Mission Bay.
san diego beaches
A view of SeaWorld and Mission Bay from on top of the Sky Tower.

Ocean Beach

san diego beaches
Ocean Beach Pier

san diego beaches

san diego beaches

Sunset Cliffs-Point Loma

san diego beaches

san diego beaches


beaches of san diego
Cabrillo National Monument Tide Pools

Discover Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Coronado Island

san diego beaches
The Sand Dunes of Coronado.
san diego beaches
Coronado Beach with the tip of Point Loma on the right.
san diego beaches
Looking towards Imperial Beach and The Silver Strand.
san diego beaches
The view of Downtown San Diego from Coronado Island.

Exploring Coronado Island San Diego, CA

San Diego Bay

san diego beaches shelter island statue
My favorite statue is found at Shelter Island.
san diego beaches
Navy ship on its way out of the San Diego Bay

san diego beaches

san diego beaches
Shelter Island Pier
san diego beaches
Do you notice Downtown San Diego in the distance?
san diego beaches
Shelter Island launch ramp.
san diego beaches
Downtown San Diego- Seaport Village

san diego beaches

san diego beaches
Embarcadero Pier in Downtown San Diego with Coronado Bridge in the background.


San Diego Bay- A Photo Tour

Thank you for joining me on an adventure down the coast of San Diego. As you can see, I have many photos, but  I do not yet have any pictures of South San Diego Bay and Imperial Beach.  I am now on a mission to get down to the border as soon as possible!

If you are interested in visiting any of these San Diego County Beaches, I have included a link to a post with all of the beaches of San Diego County listed with linked addresses.

Do you have any personal photos to share featuring any of the many beaches of San Diego? Please add them to the comment section, as I would love to see them! Do you have a favorite spot?

Until next time!

4 Replies to “For the Love of San Diego Beaches”

  1. I love San Diego, and your photos of the beaches there make me want to book a flight to visit. I grew up in Santa Barbara which is another beautiful place, although it’s been a sad year due to the recent fire and mudslides. There is something so special about being at the beach and feeling a natural energy. I have wonderful memories of growing up a mile from Butterfly Beach and the many happy moments spent there. Do you have a favorite beach in San Diego?

    1. Thank you, Lynn, for visiting! Funny, my husband grew up in Lompoc! Santa Barbara is breathtaking as well. I would have to say that my favorite three beaches in San Diego would be, this is hard, How about my top 5? San Onofre, Swami’s Beach, Torrey Pines State Beach, Moonlight Beach, and everything in La Jolla!. Thanks again for the comment.

  2. Those are some beautiful pictures of San Diego Beaches.

    I’m originally from the NorthEast of Brazil and, because of that, I’m quite used to the warm weather, sun and white sand beaches.

    Although I’ve been to California once, I don’t recall visiting San Diego. I guess that means it’s about time to start planning a trip there (especially after looking at your pictures!).

    Enjoy the sun and the amazing landscape. I’ll come back to see your posts!

    1. Thank you Eliane! Oh how I would love to visit the beaches of NE Brazil! I hope that one day you will be able to visit the beaches of San Diego. I hope you do come back one in a while, thank you!

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