Top Ten Best San Diego Tide Pools

Terramar Tide Pools San Diego Tide Pools

With over 70 miles of coastline, San Diego tide pools are less common than expected. You see, it all depends on the topography of the shore. Here I would like to present the top 10 San Diego tidepools. I will start in North County, San Diego, and end at the most southern location in Point Loma.

San Diego County Google Map San Diego Tide Pools

I have linked each address to a Google Map to make it easier for you. Also, please click on each photo to see a larger version.

As a rule, you should always check the tidal chart before heading to the beach. The best time to experience the tide pools is during low tide, and anything below a +1 is an opportune time to visit. Now that would be far superior if you could go during an adverse tide, but most of those only happen in winter.

I have also included a pamphlet, courtesy of the Cabrillo National Monument, which will help you identify some of the tide pool specimens. Please have a look and print it out!

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