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November 27, 2017


November 6, 2017

A research study that was just recently published , shows that dolphins live in very tight-knit social groups social groups. They also have complex relationships, talk to each other, and even have regional dialects.

“No conservation project like this has ever been done before, and the operation comes with significant risk,” VaquitaCPR said. “However, scientists agreed that the risk of extinction in the wild was still far greater than the risk of rescue efforts. … The risk of losing a vaquita during field operations was always acknowledged as a possibility, but it was determined that it was unacceptable to stand by and watch the vaquita porpoise disappear without a heroic attempt at rescue.”

November 5, 2017

“So far, the saga of the Cook Inlet baby beluga has been one of heavy lifting from the people who most want to see him thrive. But luck played a big role in his discovery in the shallow water of Trading Bay, on the west side of Cook Inlet.”